Some Unexpected Things Regarding a Newborn Baby

Here are some things to prepare for which may be unexpected for you when you have your first baby.

First of all, your baby might look a little bit strange when your baby is born, so don’t be alarmed by it… basically, your baby’s head may get a little bit smushed while it’s coming down to birth canal and may even take on a cone shape. That’s perfectly normal. And the skull is designed to be especially flexible at that age, in order to make it out of the birth canal successfully. This is all normal and part of the natural birthing process.

Your baby’s face will likely be puffy, the eyes will be shut, swollen, and covered in goop. Your baby will definitely need to be wiped down and cleaned up. Although these days, many hospital staff will save the real cleaning up for later on, so that the baby keep the protection of the fluids it’s covered in as it’s born.

A lot of times babies will be covered in a very fine hair that covers their whole body which can be a little bit alarming to look at at first, but don’t worry, that’s also quite normal. Soon your baby will look beautiful and normal like you expected, after a few weeks or months have passed. So don’t be too shocked at your baby’s initial appearance just after the actual delivery.

My wife and I, whenever we see newborns that are just born, we always say that the baby is “raw,” or that the baby is in the “alien stage.” And all babies go through that alien stage before they look like what they actually will look like growing up.

Also, don’t be alarmed if the baby’s skin seems to be very dry in the weeks after birth. It’s also normal and happens a lot. It’s because the baby’s adjusting from a completely wet environment to a completely dry environment, and the skin needs a period of adjustment.

For the first month or so after the baby’s born, basically your baby will only cry. And that’s all he or she will do. And that’s because that’s really the only way that baby has to communicate with you, the big humans who actually talk. So that means if the baby’s sleepy, or the baby is hungry, or cold or just went pee or poo in it’s diapers, or just wants you to hold them — a lot of times, the only way the baby can relay the message is to cry. And you’ll be hearing a lot of crying, believe me.

But soon, as doting parents, you’ll be able to interpret all your baby’s cries and know exactly what they mean. And this comes with parents’ intuition that you will slowly develop, and your intuition will get sharper over time. And soon you’ll be able to understand exactly what your baby wants when you hear your baby crying.

That being said, don’t expect a lot of other interaction with your baby. Especially when it comes to smiling or laughing or happy gurgles that you may see a lot of other babies doing. That comes later. So at the very beginning, all your baby’s going to do for the most part is cry, eat, poop, and sleep.

But don’t think for a moment that baby isn’t getting attached to you. There is a very strong bond forming, even if it’s not that obvious yet. But the bond is forming and strengthening every time you hold your baby, every time you nurse your baby, every time you are affectionate with your baby. And the payoff will come a little bit later on down the line when the baby is a little older and starts to signal that it recognizes you and starts to interact with you, and express it’s joy at seeing you.

Of course baby will sleep a lot at first. Expect the baby to wake up every couple hours in order to eat but then to go right back to sleep for another couple hours. And this is going to be your daily schedule at the beginning, and it will last for a while. And that’s why it’s so hard for a lot of new parents, because you can’t really get a full night’s sleep. You’re going to have to wake up around the clock along with baby in order to make sure that the baby is fed properly.

And only when your baby hits about three months of age can your baby sleep for any significant number of hours, meaning five or six hours or more, and really won’t sleep through the night until baby is around six months to a year old. Until then, you’ll want to learn good techniques like swaddling in order to make the baby feel more secure, sleep more soundly, and sleep for longer periods.

But all in all, remember that time flies so quickly. Those first couple months of handling a newborn is very hard, it’s very stressful, and it’s very tiring. But to try to enjoy it. Make sure you take lots of pictures and lots of videos, because these months go by so fast and you’ll never ever get them back.

If you aren’t careful, you’ll look back on these times fondly and wish you had made more memories and enjoyed the time more instead of being so stressed out. These first months are very fleeting, especially the first few weeks. So make sure you take time to enjoy your newborn and make the most of this precious time.

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